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What To Choose When Ordering?

Looking for a tasty Saba To Go dinner tonight but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for ordering your perfect takeaway!

Too spicy or not spicy enough?

Nearly all our Saba dishes spice levels can be changed! Just ask or request on our online platform!

What dishes are vegetarian or vegan?

We have lots of options! Go to our ordering page to check out our menu for a list of our vegetarian and vegan dishes – they have their own section,

Do you have gluten free dishes?

We have a large array of gluten-free options! Many are marked with [GF] on our menu page. We are also happy to facilitate where possible by using Tamira soy sauce, please ask a staff member. 

Do your egg noodles have egg in them?

No, our egg noodles don’t contain egg. The egg in the title is referring to the colour of the noodles

Do you use milk in your dishes?

We don’t use milk in any of our dishes

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