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Top Vegan Dishes

Top Vegan Dishes

Don’t forget that all our food is made fresh to order so be sure to talk to your waiter about any dietary requirements. Some of our Top Vegan Dishes have been made vegan via modification.

Vegan Dishes

Tangy Tempura Vegetables: Tempura vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce or plum sauce.

Chargrilled Oyster Mushrooms and Asparagus: with ginger soy sauce.

Gingergrass Salad: Ruby chard, mizuna, mint, beansprouts, ginger, butternut squash, red wine vinegar dressing & roasted pumpkin seeds.

Som Tam: Spicy green papaya salad with cashew nuts, string beans, cherry tomatoes, garlic, birds eye chilli, carrot, lime juice and palm sugar (modified by omitting fish sauce and chicken).

Gaeng Karee Fuktong: Aromatic yellow butternut squash and sweet potato curry with onions and potatoes served with steamed Jasmine rice.

Phad Thai Jay: Rice noodles with vegetables, peanuts, beansprouts and lime (modified by omitting the egg).

Our wok dishes Xao Hao LoPhad Khing and Phad Prik Sod can be modified to be vegan friendly also.

Our side dishes are also vegan friendly.

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