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Tips For Ordering The Perfect Healthy January Takeaway

Saba To Go has the perfect solutions for all your healthy and nutritious needs. We have put together a small helpful guide on some of our Saba To Go tasty options which we have available in our 3 stores.

  • Looking for a tasty start but don’t know where to begin?

Why not try our paleo-friendly Satay Gai? A popular appetiser that is low in calories and also gluten-free. The perfect balance between delicious and low calories!

  • Counting calories?

Most of Saba To Go wok dishes are Saba Light dishes under 400 calories. They are the perfect answer to that dinner treat without you having a cheat day!

Why not change your white rice to Saba brown & red rice? This has a great fibre content and it is a slow-releasing carbohydrate.

  • Trying to eat more protein and good fats in your diet?

Try our Barbarian box, this is a Protein packed box with broccoli, baby corn, kale, cashew nuts, edamame beans, mushrooms, holy basil, sweet potato & a light peanut curry sauce and it is Paleo and Gluten friendly too!

 A consistent favourite with gym goers is Saba’s Caveman dish. This is a paleo-friendly dish that gives you all the nutritious goodness you need and of course, it is also delicious!

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty source of protein why not order a side of Edamame beans?

We find more customers are looking for more vegetables as sides! We have a tasty stir-fried Dao Hup side that is stir-fried in a mushroom sauce. It is the perfect answer if you need more healthy vegetables in your diet.

Start your New Year with a healthy Takeaway from Saba To Go this January!

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