Our Values

The Saba Way in action

SABA means ‘happy meeting place’, so our very first aim
is to provide happy experiences and memories for our customers.


The food we serve is healthy and nutritious — always. We aim for authenticity. That means valuing the knowledge and skills of our Thai and Vietnamese staff. Where possible they work with genuine, Asian-sourced ingredients to create great dishes just like back home; we fly fresh herbs and vegetables direct from Bangkok once a week. Otherwise, we source from Irish producers of quality. We bring this respect for ingredients and world-class skills through to our multi-awarded cocktails.

Every choice we make is a considered one.

As a Thai and Vietnamese eatery located in Dublin, spanning cultures and continents, we are very aware of how we all share this world. That’s why we support a range of local, Asian and environmental charities. As a ‘happy meeting place’, we choose to leave a happy, human and ecological legacy.


Friendly greetings; seamless service; food that nourishes; drinks that delight; a happy vibe; and the confidence that comes from knowing that when you choose SABA you are also choosing to support others in Ireland and beyond – this is the SABA Way. Sanook! [Enjoy!]

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Our Values