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Our Stories

SABA means ‘happy meeting place’, so our very first aim is to provide happy experiences and memories for our customers.

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The Saba story started over 20 years ago. Paul had no team, no chefs, no money and no building. All he had was an idea, which led him to travel to Thailand in hope of getting his old co-worker, Tao, on board with the Saba dream.

The story of how Saba started over 20 years ago when Tao and I became close friends. What brought us together was a passion for authentic Thai cuisine, a love for hospitality and the fact we love being in each other’s company. A brother from another mother is how I’d describe Tao. We both grew up in our family food businesses, Tao in Bangkok and I in Westport. We both trained internationally and as a result have the same mindset, high standards and love of a challenge.

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Our Values

Happy Meeting Place

SABA means ‘happy meeting place’, so our very first aim is to provide happy experiences and memories for our customers. As soon as you step inside Saba you can expect friendly greetings, seamless service, and a happy vibe.


Our chefs work with genuine, Asian-sourced ingredients. The authentic Thai flavour is ensured by sourcing herbs and vegetables from Thai farmers in Bangkok. We also source products from local Irish suppliers and farmers to Irish producers to give back to local communities and guarantee high quality and freshness.

Every Choice is Considered

We have implemented new sustainability strategies, and we are always trying to upskill. Our goal is to measure, manage and reduce Carbon Emissions.

Healthy and Nutritious

All of our dishes have been carefully selected,using the best quality ingredients. We have worked with various Nutritional specialists to highlight the nutritional elements of each dish and make improvements where needed.

Family at the Centre

Not only does Saba create a family atmosphere at work, but our team is also full of generations of families who have come from Thailand. We are proud to have 18 staff who have worked with us for over 10 years.

Our Partnerships

Supporting Charities and giving back to the community

At Saba, our commitment to the community goes beyond just culinary excellence. We believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why we actively engage in partnerships with charitable organisations and community initiatives. Through these collaborations, we aim to contribute to causes that resonate with our values, whether it’s supporting local food banks, promoting sustainability, or championing social justice.

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People we’ve partnered with

Our belief is that by working together with these organisations, we can create a brighter future for all and embody the spirit of compassion and empathy that defines the Saba Way. It’s not just about serving exceptional cuisine; it’s also about nourishing the soul of our community.

Celebrating Women

Partnership Hockey Ireland

The Saba group first announced their Official Partnership with the Irish Women’s Hockey Team in 2019, and partnership was renewed in 2021 and 2023. Saba will be the only food partner for the ladies’ team and will fuel the team’s training sessions and games.

Saba has fuelled the girls in green as they prepared for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and will continue to do so as they prepare for the 2024 Olympics in France. The Saba team has worked closely with the team nutritionist and management to provide meals and nutrition for the players. Saba has tailored meals to meet the team’s dietary requirements and has travelled the country to ensure the team had healthy, nutritious food even when training away.

The partnership with the Women’s Hockey Ireland team is something the team at Saba is extremely proud of, as not only do we get to work with highly inspirational and dedicated women in sport, but we also get to highlight the importance of nutrition and highlight how Saba is not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious.

Charity partners

We believe in doing good as a happy consequence, so we’ve chosen to support several very deserving charities. We have worked with a range of local and International charities and hosted various fundraising activities to raise vital funds for our charity partners.

Giving back

Friends of the Earth

To help SABA and SABA TO GO give back to the planet, we’ve teamed up with Friends of the Earth, the world’s largest network of environmental groups.
Bringing you bona fide Thai and Vietnamese ingredients can rack up some air miles, so for every green curry sold, we make a donation to Friends of the Earth in support of its terrific work for environmental justice and sustainability.

Supporting parents

Anam Cara

Anam Cara does incredible work supporting parents and families after bereavement. We’ve been privileged to help them with their fundraisers. Saba has hosted Anam Cara’s Dublin Charity lunch for the past five years. It is our most popular fundraising event each year.

“Working with Paul and the management team in planning this event, they really do everything to make sure it will be a success and that is why Anam Cara goes back each year, we know this event will continue to be the number one charity lunch in Dublin.” Sharon Vard, Chief Executive

Helping children

Crumlin Children’s Hospital

The Saba Cookbook is a tremendous collection of authentic Thai and Vietnamese recipes. It is the winner of a Gourmand Award, the highest honour the cookbook world has to give. But most important of all, proceeds from this book go to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

“It was with great pride that the team at SABA used the story of its business to produce a cookbook, so beautiful and so authentic, that it would benefit the children at the hospital now and long into the future. The proceeds from SABA: The Cookbook, contributed to the opening of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the hospital, a world-class facility to many hundreds of children across the country annually.”- Johann Fox, Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Right to a safe childhood

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Driven by her own traumatic and poverty stricken early years in Ireland, Christina Noble set up the foundation to help alleviate child poverty in Vietnam and Mongolia and give all children the right to a happy and safe childhood.

“The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation has held its annual fundraising dinner in SABA restaurant from 2012 to 2014. They have been fantastic events, raising thousands of euros for our work with very disadvantaged children in Vietnam and Mongolia. SABA has been a great partner.”

Donating the proceeds

Thai Red Cross

Thanks to the huge success of SABA:The Cookbook, we were able to donate €3,500 of proceeds to the Thai Red Cross in 2013. This society is a major humanitarian organisation in Thailand, providing services as part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Tao was delighted to visit their headquarters in Bangkok, to give them the cheque from the proceeds of SABA’s cookbook.

What our customers say

People feeling like family in Saba, on the other side of the world from their homes, is our raison d’etre

Paul Cadden
Owner, Saba

“Paul has really created something special with Saba because it truly feels like a second family.”

Josefin Andersson, HR and Training, Saba
HR and Training, Saba

Being a chef is something I love doing. I like to see smiles on people’s faces after enjoying the food I cook. I am so grateful to be a part of this Saba family.

Natthawut Khuhathong (Yo)
Chef Baggot Street

Saba is not just my place of work but is like my second home. My wife and my son even now work with Saba as well.

Noraset ‘Seak’ Pradubwate
Head Chef, Saba To Go

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