Saba Employee Spotlight

Posted on: October 31 2019

Meet Adele!

Adele is our Social Media and Marketing assistant. She is responsible for all the cool and exciting posts that are put up on our social pages every week! Adele has been with us for 3 years and counting and is our go-to person when it comes to all things online #SocialGuru!!

Adele, what is your favourite thing about Saba?

No day is the same in Saba. We could be doing photo shoots, serving food at Electric Picnic, helping with events in the restaurants, creating menus or just catching up on e-mails in the office. You never get bored!

What is your go-to dish?

When I’m taking lunch back to the office, my go-to dish is almost always Saigon. I love to try different dishes when I’m dining in either restaurant but if I could only pick one main, it would have to be the Crispy Duck with Pineapple. The sharing starters for parties of 6 or more are amazing!!

If you had to choose one cocktail what would it be?

Because it’s unique to Saba, I always order Life’s a Beach. I make sure my friends order one when it’s their first visit to Saba. I’m a big Disaranno fan so I love the Amaretto Sour.

What is your favourite hobby or pastime when you aren’t at work?

I am a huge music and theatre fan so I’m always planning trips to see my favourite bands and shows. My highlight over the past year was heading to see Paul McCartney in London…Ringo Starr performed with him so it was a big deal for me as I adore The Beatles!

You can guarantee that I always have something coming up. I’m also counting down the weeks until I fly to London to see Hamilton (again)!