Sounds of Thailand – tickle your senses

Posted on: April 18 2016
Thai food is designed to tickle your senses – to surprise you with new flavour sensations; salty, spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. And this energy is found in the culture too. Thailand is buzzing with oriental sounds, smells and colours.

This video captures some of the magic of Thailand that we want to share with you! We hope you enjoy it. In Thailand, eating is a shared and precious experience, whether it’s from a street stall or a top end restaurant.

Dive into the positive energy of Thailand!

At Saba, we want to recreate the experience of being in Thailand and Vietnam. We’d also love to inspire you to travel to these places. So watch out for posts with travel tips from our Saba team.


This is the first in a series of cultural videos – we hope you’ll enjoy them and share them with friends. Thanks to Mehdi Bakkali for allowing us to post his magical video. He created it while on a six week holiday with his brother in Thailand. This is definitely a Saba staff pick!

Video credit:
Sounds of Thailand by Mehdi Bakkali via Vimeo