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Marriage After First Date in Saba

Marriage After First Date in Saba

We were recently tagged in a beautiful painting by Wedding Art on Instagram. It showed a couple on their wedding day with the Saba logo featured in the right corner! We needed to find out the story behind this painting.

The team at Wedding Art sent us on the bride’s details! She told us the story of how they had their first date in Saba, Clarendon Street, 12 years ago!! We are so honoured to have been included in such a special day.

We cannot wait to welcome Karen and Sean back to Saba, Clarendon Street, on their next trip to Dublin. Congratulations again to the newly married couple and the Saba team wishes you a lifetime of happiness.

Do you know of any love stories that started in Saba? We want to know! Share your stories with us on Facebook!

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