We Are Not The Only Saba To Hold A Lobsterfest!

Posted on: September 16 2019

Did you know that we are not the only Saba to hold a Lobsterfest? There is an island called Saba and they also hold an annual Lobster festival!

We have been doing some research and Saba Island has been having their own 3-day Lobsterfest which is usually held on the 1st week of November. Saba Island is situated in the Caribbean and they have a small population of 2010 people. The island is an inactive volcano rising 3000 feet from the ocean and has a whole land area of 13sq km.  Saba Island is famous for their Saba Bank spiny lobsters. They create fresh and flavourful dishes throughout the 3 days so tourists and locals can enjoy these native crustaceans.

We feel that it is not just a coincidence that Saba also holds a Lobsterfest every year in September. We have sourced the freshest Lobster and seafood in Ireland as we want the Irish flavours to be present in each of our dishes. Our executive head chef Taweesak has worked hard to blend the Irish flavour with his Thai and Vietnamese background to create some tasty and mouth-watering dishes.

Feeling like a date night out with your partner? Why not try our ‘Seafood Platter for 2’? Grilled whole Kilkeel lobster, squid, tiger prawns, and swordfish served with stir-fried mixed crunchy vegetables and fried rice for €56

Our Lobsterfest runs from September 9th until September 22nd,2019. Book your table today in Saba, Clarendon Street or Saba, Upper Baggot Street.