Saba Dublin – A Brand New Restaurant, Takeaway & Website.

Posted on: March 4 2016
We’re shaking things up at Saba and we have tons of news to share! We’re excitedly counting down to our ten year anniversary in September. And we’ve created this shiny new website and blog for you; our chief tasters and sippers.

So, what’s new at Saba? Lots…


A new Saba restaurant

First up, we’ve opened a new Saba restaurant on Baggot Street. We’ll take you behind the scenes in our next post. We’ll show you photos of the build, from concrete box to oriental splendour! This restaurant is not a franchise – it will be recognisably Saba but with a distinct new flavour. We are all about new flavours.

A new Saba2Go takeaway

We’ve also opened a second Saba To Go in Windy Arbour. We were honoured to win the ‘Healthiest Takeaway in Ireland’ recently. This is what we focus on; serving takeaway food that’s both healthy and super tasty.

Ten years and counting…

We are proud to celebrate ten wonderful years in business in September. We thank all of our longstanding staff and customers for making this possible. Keep an eye out here for special events and offers. We love to party with you at Saba!

Sharing Saba stories

We have tons of stories that have been patiently waiting to be told! Now it’s time to share them with you. We want you to get that magical sense of Saba before you step through the door.

This blog will be about everything that makes up the Saba world – the fragrant ingredients, the creative chefs and cocktail makers, our warm staff and you; our chief tasters and sippers.

We’re gathering stories of local Irish suppliers and Thai lemongrass growers. Stories of how Saba came to be, stories of sharing food, of homelands and colourful cocktails. Stories of Saba romances (three staff marriages and four babies to date!) Tales of food, of distant family recipes and of knobbly vegetables that you’ve never heard of before. Our rich story treasures the cultural overlaps between Ireland, Vietnam and Thailand.

At Saba, we’ve always focussed on quality food but what excites us most is translating the experience of eating Thai and Vietnamese food to Dublin diners. The Saba experience is multisensory; full of sizzle and scent. We’re big into electric colours and surprising flavour combos. We believe that eating is fun. And we love the magic that happens when people gather together to share great food.

Here’s what you can expect to find on the blog

What we’re up to – we’ll be sharing new offerings; food, drinks and cookery workshops. We’ll keep you up to date on new seasonal dishes and delectable cocktails.

Backstage pass – we’ll sneak you into our kitchens (sit-down and to-go) and show you some fancy prep-work and simple everyday routines. You’ll get to meet Tao and Alan and their talented team of Thai chefs.

Learn how – Our chefs have so much knowledge to share. It’s something we’re passionate about. Aside from our cooking workshops, we’ll teach you about the basic ingredients you need for Thai and Vietnamese cooking. We’ll help you get familiar with these ingredients, whether you’re an experimental cook or not.

Saba staff picks – We’re not just into food and we know that you have other interests too! Over time, we’ll be mixing up our posts and hope to surprise you. Maybe you’d like to hear Tao’s Bangkok travel tips, or designer advice on Vietnamese decor?

Fun stuff – The Saba crew and customers are fun loving. We want to entertain you. Expect some Thai country music videos or examples of *Thairish slang (Copyright Jamie!) from our resident chefs.

We welcome you to the Saba world, both online and in person. We hope you’ll jump in and chat with us here. Tell us what you’d like to see or learn more about. Dip into our new website or say hello over on Facebook or Twitter.