Mother’s Day In Thailand

Posted on: February 19 2018

Mother’s Day In Thailand

Mother’s Day was first introduced in Thailand on April 15th, 1950.

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit is seen as the Mother of all Thai people. For this reason, Mother’s Day was changed to August 12th to commemorate her birthday.  Her Majesty Queen Sirikit was the world’s longest reigning royal consort, having presided Thailand for over 6o years.

During this time, Thai households and streets are decorated with lights, decorations, and portraits of Queen Sirikit.

In the morning, a Buddhist alms-giving ceremony is held. After this ceremony, there is a country-wide candle-lighting ceremony and fireworks displays.

The Queen’s birthday has the biggest celebrations in Bangkok.

Mother’s Day Gifts in Thailand

The traditional Mother’s Day gift in Thailand is jasmine. Jasmine is seen as symbol of purity, gentleness and motherhood. It is called “dok mali” in Thai (ดอกมะลิ).

Like in Ireland, children will make handmade Mother’s Day cards. They give their mother a special gift in addition to or instead of jasmine.

Mother’s Day is a public holiday in Thailand – Thai people love their holidays.

Saying Happy Mother’s Day In Thai

“Mother’s Day” – “Wan Mae” (วันแม่).

 “Happy Mother’s Day” – “Suksan Wan Mae” (สุขสันต์วันแม่).

“I love you Mom” – “Rak Mae” (รักแม่).

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