Breakfast is served until 11.30am

Bircher Muesli

The perfect pot for breakfast: oats soaked overnight in hazelnut milk and apple juice. Served with seasonal toppings, mint and roasted hazelnuts [1,7,8]

Super Fruit Pot

Our fresh fruit pot is filled with a delicious medley of seasonal fruits and berries

Berry and Granola Pot

A delicious pot of Compsey Creamery Greek yogurt with mixed berry compote and optional crunchy granola [1,7,8]

Patongo Donuts

Thai style Donuts with a sweet condensed milk dip [1,7]

Thai Omelette

Two egg omelette with mushrooms, peppers, babycorn, spring onions, fresh chilli, and onion. Served with Jasmine rice [3]

Saba Breakfast Eggs

Stir-fried button mushrooms, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, coriander. Served with Jasmine rice topped with fried eggs [3,6,14]