Saba Employee Spotlight

Posted on: September 18 2019

Saba Employee Spotlight

Meet Jamie! Jamie is our Marketing and PR manager who works alongside Saba’s owner Paul Cadden.

She has been with the Saba team for nearly 7 years. Jamie is our resident organiser and plans a lot of the Saba events too. You might have spotted Jamie on our Saba–Dilla at the festivals  and different outdoor events over the past few years!

Jamie, what is your favourite thing about Saba?

I would have to say we are like a family. The Saba team has expanded over the past 7 years I have been here and I still love coming into work every day and chatting to the team.

What is your go-to dish?

For a starter normally choose the Por Pia Thod (spring rolls) I have always been a fan of the Saba spring rolls! For my main, I would have to say the Pattaya noodles! Duck is my favourite and these noodles are so tasty that I nearly always ordered them when I am eating in the restaurant or ordering takeaway!

If you had to choose one cocktail what would it be?

My absolute fav is ‘Lifes a Beach’! What a cocktail, It is a vodka-based cocktail that has a nice fruity sweetness to it. Winner every time! P.S it is also on our 7 for €7 deal!!!

What is your favourite hobby or pastime when you aren’t at work?

I love health and fitness!!! So I do like going to the gym and also hiking! I love heading up to the Dublin mountains on the weekends and going for good walks with friends! You can’t beat fresh air! One other thing that is a big part of my life – I am an avid rugby fan, I will be watching Ireland closely in the World Cup!!! #COYBIG