Lobsterfest Extended Until Wednesday 29th September

Posted on: September 14 2010

Due to the huge popularity of Lobsterfest, we have extended the offer and menu until Wednesday 29th September.

If you have not been tempted yet,  join us for a shellfish shindig. The specially prepared menu is sure to please all half shelled and lobster hedonists. Diners can enjoy exquisite lobster fresh from the waters of Inisboffin or freshly shucked Carlingford Lough oysters to sip, slurp and sup! To wash down these tasty delights, we have a French Wine Sale for two weeks only!

Make a reservation today and get your claws into our delicious lobster inspired specials. This includes half a dozen fresh oysters for just €10, seared lobster tail salad for €14,95 or steamed whole lobster with a Thai twist for €25.95.


Hoi Nang Rom Sod €10.00

½ Dozen Fresh Oysters served with fresh Thai herbs, chillis lime sauce and crispy shallots Hor Mok Hoi Nang Rom €10.00

Oyster with red curry soufflé, red curry paste, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaf.

Chargrilled Half Lobster Mango Salad €14.95 with mango, shallots, corianders and chilli dressing

Seared Lobster Tail Salad €14.95 With ginger, chilli, coriander, kikkoman soya and sesame oil dressing pickled ginger and rocket salad

Goong Monkorn Sam Rod €25.95 Stir-fried whole lobster with triple flavoured chilli sauce served with fried rice

Steamed Whole Lobster with Thai herbs €25.95 Served with pineapple fried rice

Chargrilled Whole Lobster Chuchi €25.95 With thick red curry sauce, kaffir lime leaves and Thai sweet basil

Make a booking today!