Introducing The Saba Family

Posted on: May 7 2019

Introducing The Saba Family

“Saba is my family, friend and home sweet home.” – Kruewan ‘Kia’ Pradubwate, Food Runner, Saba Clarendon Street

Introducing The Saba Family

Our customers always say there is something special and unique about the atmosphere in Saba. From the moment you walk into the restaurants on Clarendon Street and Baggot Street, you get a sense of a very happy team working together doing the things they love. This is because over the years we have become what we like to call the Saba Family.

So many staff members have been here from the very beginning back in 2006. We have couples working here and some of them now have adult children working alongside them. Staff members who started as waitresses have ended up running HR or some who started as kitchen porters are now trained chefs. We have invested time and money in our staff in the same way that they have invested their time and their lives in us.

“Saba for me is like a second home. I think of friends, family, love and respect when I think of Saba.” – Tomasz Gutsze, Assistant Manager, Saba on Clarendon Street

Introducing The Saba Family

“The staff in Saba are very friendly and helpful. The management are happy to help every worker whether the issue is related to work or a private matter. It really is like a big family,” says Jagoda Koczolap, a bartender in Saba Baggot Street. Her boyfriend Lukas Cegielski started as a kitchen porter in Baggot Street but is now training as a chef in Clarendon Street.

This, along with the Saba Way, has contributed to our success and our growth. If our floor staff and kitchen staff are happy doing what they do, that feeds into how the restaurants are run and the overall atmosphere. It goes back to the fundamental issue of caring: we care about the food and the drinks we serve, we care about the restaurant, we care about each other and, ultimately, we care about our customers.

“There are so many nationalities working in Saba and when Ireland is not your home country, Paul has really created something extraordinary with Saba because it truly feels like a second family and a home away from home.” – Josefin Andersson, Saba’s HR and Training Manager

Introducing The Saba Family

The camaraderie among staff has also helped to build our reputation in Dublin. People look on us as a part of Dublin, part of the city and the community. As HR and Training Manager Josefin Andersson puts it: “Our customers know us and know we care.”

And with Paul, Tao and our whole team in Saba committed to working with Irish and international charities and organisations such as Hockey Ireland, we can give something back to the community we have become such an integral part of.

This approach has worked so well for us, and our Saba Family has now grown to include the second Saba restaurant on Baggot Street, the Saba To Go’s in Deansgrange, Rathmines and Windy Arbour and the Saba Street Kitchen in Kildare Village which also travels around the country. And, crucially, the quality of food and service has remained the same throughout the various outlets.

“Tao and I have always recognised that we would only be successful and be able to grow if we had great staff and happy customers. We owe our popularity to them which is why we invest in them so much.” – Paul Cadden, owner, Saba

Introducing The Saba Family

And our customers certainly seem to appreciate the Saba Way and the Saba Family as these TripAdvisor quotes confirm . . .

  • Apart from the really well-served fresh food, the main standout was the service. Each course was served by people from the kitchen informing us of the dish and how it was prepared. It could not be better planned. It was exceptionally enjoyable.
  • When I arrived at the restaurant I was very warmly welcomed and I received perfect service. If you are in Dublin looking for the best Thai food, definitely go to Saba.
  • Service along with atmosphere were top notch; cannot recommend this place enough.
  • Great selection of tasty Thai food served by brilliant staff attentive to detail and really professional.
  • Place was packed out & despite that, the service was first class!! The food was fantastic!
  • From the moment we entered we were given an amazing time. Staff were so friendly and great fun. Nothing was too much trouble. The food was absolutely top class.

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