How To Use Chopsticks

Posted on: August 1 2019

How To Use Chopsticks

We all know that Saba has a team of Thai chefs who create fresh and authentic Thai Dishes in our six restaurants throughout Dublin and Kildare but you can make your experience even more authentic with this quick tutorial.

We’ve all been to a restaurant, seen someone skillfully make their way through their meal using chopsticks & failed to achieve the same elegance. Fear not, Saba is here to give you a step by step lesson on how to use chopsticks.

You will need chopsticks (supplied by us) & an authentic Thai dish to get going (also supplied by us).

Step 1: Firstly, you’ll need to break apart the chopsticks. This will need to be done gently. Don’t twist them apart as we don’t want you having splinters in your meal. Place the first chopstick so that the broad part rests at the base of your thumb and the narrow end rests on the tip of your ring finger. You can hold it in place with the tip of your middle finger. Easy!

Step 2: Hold your thumb over the second chopstick. You can position the second chopstick so that it is secured against your index finger by the end of your thumb. Grip it in the same way you would with a pencil. You’ll need to ensure both ends are even.

Step 3: Keep the first (bottom) chopstick stationary and move the top chopstick. Move the tip of your index finger up and down while your thumb remains still. Continue opening and closing the chopsticks in this way until it feels natural. Once you are comfortable with this motion, pick up a piece of food.