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Halloween In Thailand

Halloween In Thailand

Scary ghost stories, horror movies, costumes and eating way too many sweets….it was to be Halloween!

How do they celebrate Halloween in Thailand? After all, Thailand has a Buddhist majority and Halloween isn’t a Buddhist festival. Regardless of this, Thailand does have its own culture of ghosts, spirits and supernatural legends.

Halloween at Saba

Spirit Houses

While visiting Thailand, you may see miniature houses outside businesses, offices, and homes. These are known as “spirit houses. Thai people use these miniature houses as a place to present gifts to spirits. Do not disturb any gifts that you may see at these miniature houses – you don’t want to upset any spirits while on your travels.

Halloween at Saba

Halloween Parties

Whether you’ve been or not, we all know Thailand has some of the best parties in the world. If you’re in Thailand for Halloween, Bangkok is the place to be as it has some of the best Halloween parties. You’ll experience amazing costumes, great DJs, and prizes.

Ok Ok, we’re even making ourselves sad knowing that we won’t be celebrating Halloween in Thailand. No need to worry, Saba will have a delicious menu and Spooktacular cocktail available.

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