Grillfest 2017

Posted on: July 12 2017

Grillfest 2017

We are delighted to launch Grillfest 2017, summer’s hottest menu. From Thursday 13th of July through to Sunday 27th August, diners can enjoy exquisite BBQ inspired Thai dishes, available from both Saba Baggot Street and Saba Clarendon Street.

Our executive chef, Tao, has specially created mouth-watering dishes sure to excite all BBQ fans.

Chargrilled Tiger Prawns 

Served with green tea noodles and mango dressing


Chargrilled Swordfish*

With an asparagus and rocket salad. Served with fresh lime & ginger dressing.


Chargrilled Pork Neck with Vietnamese Kim Chi

Chargrilled pork served with kimchi and a tamarind dipping sauce