Garrigue – Legacy Cocktail Competition

Posted on: January 19 2013

Abdelkarim Mehdi or Karim as he is known to us (our head bar guy/liquid chef/mixologist ) has created the most amazing cocktail called GARRIGUE for the “Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition” in which he is a finalist next Monday 28th January.

It’s our cocktail special of the week, on this Monday and Tuesday, you will get a second cocktail on Karim if you share a photo of the cocktail on twitter or facebook. Also, go to his Facebook page and give him a like.

I am sure that you will join with us and wish him every success in the competition.

La Garrigue by Abdelkarim Mehdi


I spent my earliest years as many southern french children do, immersed in a bouquet of aromas and the tastes of Provence. The scent of rosemary; thyme and lavender brought by the mistral on warm summer day or the family trips to the lemon festival in Menton. It is those childhood memories and experiences that inspired me in this creation. Bacardi Superior surrounded and yet complemented by the flavour of “La Garrigue”. If through this cocktail I can get other people to experience what I have experienced (revive a memory of travel around the Mediterranean) then this is the legacy I want to leave behind.

The ingredients:

40ml Bacardi Superior, 20ml Farigoule thyme liqueur, 20-ml fresh lemon juice, 15ml Orgeat syrup, 1⁄2 egg white. Garnish with lavender and Bacardi superior infused with lemon and Bouquet de Provence mist.


In a Boston shaker, add all the ingredients, dry shake, add ice and shake again. Fine strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with mist and single branch of lavender.

“Mist” recipe:

In a sealed jar, mix 200ml of Bacardi Superior, 1 Bouquet de Provence and the zest of whole lemon. Leave it to infuse for 6 hours, strain ingredients through a cheesecloth and discard the dry ingredients. Pour liquid into spray bottle.