Saba’s Plant Power Festival

Wednesday, January 15 - Sunday, February 9 | All Saba Restaurants


Celebrate the health-giving, Earth-saving power of the plant-based diet!

We are embracing 2020 with open arms and more people than ever are loving Mama Earth with mindful food choices. Think plant-based, locally grown, seasonal and delicious. But did you know we’ve been choosing Earth-kind produce since way before it was trendy?

Celebrate the greatness of roots, stems, and leaves with a special vegan-friendly menu (and yes, you can even add meat or fish – ours is carefully sourced). You can check out our Plant Power Festival menu here!

We are delighted to welcome on board Dietitian Orla Walsh has worked closely with us on this new festival to promote Saba Sustainability. We will be releasing  some blogs that Orla has worked on for us to promote our plan for the future.

Saba’s Plant Power Festival will be running from January 15th – February 9th 2020. Follow our website and social media platforms for more information coming soon.