Embrace The Pumpkin

Posted on: September 23 2014

The SABA Halloween Festival of Darkness: Embrace the Pumpkin
23rd October to 2nd November

Halloween Fancy Dress Party and DJ on Friday the 31st of October!

At SABA, Halloween is an electrifying time be alive, or at least undead. Come dine with your personal collection of ghouls, creeps and weirdos, also known as your friends.
Unleash your depravity with some truly twisted cocktails. Throw some ghastly moves on the dance floor and get down with a hoard of kinky witches, sexy vampires, headless horsemen, transgender Marilyns, Hannibal Lectors, Miley Cyrus’s – a true cast of horrors. Indulge your deepest, darkest, most twisted fantasies – who knows what perversions are wriggling to get out?
You may perform an unnatural act with someone dressed as Angela Merkel. Or Simon Cowell.
The darkness welcomes you.

To book your table today call us on 01 679 2000!