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Coeliac Friendly Dishes

At Saba To Go, we understand the stress that can come with ordering a coeliac friendly meal. For that reason, we have created a list of some of our favourite coeliac friendly dishes.


  • Phad Thai – Flat rice noodles with peanuts, egg, bean sprouts & lime with a choice of tiger prawns & chicken. Phad Thai Jay is a delicious vegetarian variation of Phad Thai which is also gluten-free.


All of our curries are coeliac friendly so you have plenty of options! Don’t forget, you also choose from the following: chicken, beef, tiger prawns, duck, vegetable & tofu

  • Massaman – With potatoes, onions, peanuts & crispy shallots
  • Gaeng Pet – Red curry with string beans, bamboo shoots, peppers, chilli, aubergines & sweet basil
  • Green – Aubergines, bamboo shoots & crispy shallots
  • Yellow – With onions, potatoes & crispy shallots
  • Gaeng Karee Fuktong – Aromatic yellow butternut squash curry with sweet potato, onions & potatoes


All of our Paleo dishes are coeliac friendly. They are dairy, wheat, soya and legume free, just how the cavemen liked it. You also choose between beef, chicken, prawn, and vegetables. Fun fact, all our Paleo dishes are Saba Light which means they are all under 400 calories.

  • Primal Green – Green curry paste, coconut milk, string beans, bamboo shoots, aubergine, peppers, kaffir lime, sweet basil, butternut squash & broccoli
  • Green Machines – Wok fried broccoli, kale, Chinese leaves, Thai basil, sugar snap peas, ginger, bok choy, cashew nuts, carrots, lime & chili in a Saba paleo sauce
  • Caveman – Butternut squash, sweet potato, bok choy, carrot, broccoli, peppers, Chinese leaves, mushrooms & lime in a red curry sauce

Rice Dishes:

Both of our rice dishes are coeliac friendly. You also choose from the following: chicken, beef, tiger prawns, duck, vegetable & tofu. Our Long-Tail is a Saba Slim dish which means it is under 250 calories.

  • Cu Chi – Fried rice with peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, aubergine & sweet basil.
  • Long-Tail – Fried rice with pineapple, onions, cherry tomatoes, Thai kale & yellow curry paste

Homemade Desserts:

This is the exciting part! Our favourite desserts are all coeliac friendly.

  • Chilli Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce
  • Nobo Dairy Free Ice Cream – Vanilla & Coconut/Salted Caramel Chocolate & Toasted Almond Mango & Passion Fruit
  • Culcow Ice Cream – Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Honeycomb


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