A “Pink Ribbon” Cocktail For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on: October 17 2011

To help the breast cancer awareness campaign, SABA has teamed up with the Marie Keating Foundation and designed a delicious cocktail called the “Pink Ribbon”. We will serve it from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd and it will cost €7.95.  A donation will be made to the Marie Keating Foundation for every cocktail sold. So help us raise awareness of the importance of this campaign among our friends and family.

Ingredients: Muddle fresh strawberries, black peppercorn and shake with gin, creme de fraise and raspberry syrup and ice.

Strain into a martini glass top up with a dash of Champagne.

The Pink Ribbon Appeal:

What is Action Breast Cancer?

“The Pink Ribbon Appeal supports Action Breast Cancer, the umbrella programme for all breast cancer services at the Irish Cancer Society. Each year we reach over 25,000 women who are concerned about breast cancer and breast health. We strive to ensure that everyone affected by breast cancer receives the highest standards of treatment, support and care, and to improve the quality of life of people living with breast cancer.

How does joining the Pink Ribbon Appeal help?

Every year in Ireland nearly 2,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. We need you to show your support this year by getting involved in our Pink Ribbon Appeal, so that we can continue to fund cutting-edge breast cancer research, so that our cancer specialist nurses can answer any questions or concerns you or someone you know may have, and so that we can train and resource breast cancer survivor to become support figures for women going through breast cancer treatment.

We need you to think of your mom, your sister, your gran, your aunt, your daughter or your friends and act. Every €1 you raise will help make sure that we can be there for people when they need us.”

The Marie Keating Foundation:

“Following the death of their mother Marie, in 1998 each member of the Keating family promised that they would do everything they could to bring an end to breast cancer. They committed to provide women and their families with the necessary information to prevent cancer or detect it at its earliest stages. Their collective aim was to “enlighten not frighten”. The Marie Keating Foundation is the realisation of a family’s dedication – it is a promise to themselves, in action.

To achieve this we:

•               Increase awareness and knowledge of cancer and issues related to it to all sectors of the community.

•               Promote early detection and treatment.

•               Provide support services to those affected by cancer were identified gaps exist.

•               Work closely with various cancer-related groups and organisations to complement and optimise efforts to eradicate cancer as a life-threatening disease.

We focus on cancers that can be prevented through lifestyle changes and early detection and our ultimate goal is a future free from the fear of cancer.”