190 years of friendship, Happy Anniversary to us!! 

Posted on: March 29 2023

Happy Anniversary To Us!

We celebrated a very special occasion for the Saba family, as we celebrated a ‘10 Plus Anniversary’, meaning we honoured our colleagues who have been with Saba for more than ten years. We are delighted to say that we threw a party for 14 of our team who range from 10 to 17 years of service with Saba. 

Our celebration kicked off with a Champagne reception in Saba, South William Street where Saba’s Paul Cadden expressed his utmost gratitude and thanks while presenting the ladies with beautiful white gold diamond necklaces and the gentlemen with personalised Dublin silver money clips; all produced by Grays Jewellers. Our honourable guests were then treated to lunch while sharing many fond memories and stories from over the years. 

Paul Cadden said ‘we are truly delighted to have experienced such loyalty. This is a real achievement for all our team. Today was a very special occasion as we have worked in some cases for more than 17 years together. They are friends, they are family and we wanted to show them how much we cherish them and appreciate them.’ 

Josefin Andersson, started as a waitress 17 years ago and was trained and developed and promoted up the ranks to be a General Manager and is now Saba Group People Manager. She said ‘there is a real sense of loyalty and respect within Saba. As a team we have really created something special, because it truly feels like my second family.’  

A special mention for Saba’s longest serving member; Executive Head Chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana. Tao is seventeen years with the Saba family and was instrumental in the opening of Saba and its success. As he said himself ‘having worked with Paul for over 20 years, I am very proud of what we have achieved. We have an amazing team, it doesn’t feel that long, we are getting better all the time and I love it.’

 Since opening its doors in 2006, the Saba Restaurant Group has grown to three extremely popular restaurants and three award-winning takeaways. The famous Saba food trucks have popped up all over Ireland with appearances at Electric Picnic, Taste of Dublin, Hockey Ireland events, and many other festivals. You are always sure to see some similar faces working in the trucks, serving some delicious Saba favourites. 

After a very successful 17 years under their belt, the team at Saba are excited for what 2023 and the future holds.