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Recipe Of The Month

Phad Nam Prik Pao

Recipe Of The Month – Phad Nam Prik Pao

Serves 2

Phad Nam Prik Pao


300g Beef fillet, finely sliced
4 cloves chopped garlic
4 dsp rapeseed oil
1 dsp chilli paste in oil
50g baby corn, halves, Par-boiled
20g spring onion, cut 3”
30g onions, sliced
50g mixed pepper, sliced
5g woodear mushroom, Par-boiled
10g Thai sweet basil
3 dsp fish sauce
½ dsp wild honey
100ml water or chicken stock

Saba Dish

Cooking Method

  • Bring the wok to a medium to high heat and add the oil, garlic and chilli paste in oil. Stir until they get a nice aroma and add the beef then stir for 1 minute so the beef is cooked medium to rare. Add baby corn, onion, spring onion, pepper and woodear mushroom. Stir until they mix well for about 30 seconds, then season with fish sauce, honey and chicken stock. Add Thai sweet basil at the end before you serve.

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