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What Is A Plant-Based Diet?

Eating a more plant-based diet

A plant-based diet has always been encouraged for better health. What it means is simply basing your diet on fruits, vegetables and wholegrain carbohydrates. What this looks like in practical terms is that one third of your meal is fruit or vegetables and one third of your meal is starchy plants. The rest of the meal is comprised of higher protein foods, which can include both animal proteins and plant proteins. For example, one third of your meal could be brown rice, one third vegetables and one third tofu, prawns, chicken or beef. Eating balanced meals and following the healthy eating guidelines can reduce greenhouse gas emission from food by approximately 30%. Although not discussed even nearly enough is that eating sustainably also means eating less of the foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar as well as drinking less fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Plant-Based Diet
Plant-Based Diet

Eating an exclusively plant-based diet

To eat sustainably, you do not have to give up animal produce completely. You may need to reduce your intake. Sustainable diets can be, but do not necessarily equate to vegetarian or vegan diets. In fact, it may be unhelpful to the cause to associate the two strongly. Research has shown that linking more sustainable or “plant-based” eating to vegetarianism and veganism will significantly lower the likelihood of the majority of the population changing their eating behaviour. If you do choose to eat an exclusively plant-based diet, the majority of Saba’s meals give the person the choice of omitting chicken, beef or prawn. Additionally, the choice to add in tofu is also available.

Our Plant Power Festival

Our Plant Power Festival is running in all Saba and Saba To Go restaurants until February 9th. Celebrate the greatness of roots, stems, and leaves with a special vegan-friendly menu (and yes, you can even add meat or fish – ours is carefully sourced).

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