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January Is Caveman Month At Saba

Caveman Month At Saba

Paleo is the diet that our cavemen ancestors ate since time began. Free of wheat, dairy, soya and legumes, some say it’s the diet we are designed to eat.

Our brand new paleo menu kick starts January with no compromise on taste.

Saba and Saba To Go are delighted to announce the launch of Caveman Month. From January 11th to February 7th. Both Saba and Saba To Go will be offering a dedicated Paleo menu inspired by Saba favourites. Saba will also be offering low-calorie cocktails and mocktails throughout the Caveman month.

The paleo menu, created by head chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana in conjunction with leading nutritionist Erika Doolan of Nutrition Ireland, stays true to the Saba values, with a focus on fresh ingredients and rich authentic flavours. Paleo is a dairy free, wheat free, soya free, and legume free eating plan which has become increasingly popular among health and fitness enthusiasts and is a great way to kick start your New Year.

Paul Cadden, owner of Saba said: “We are delighted to extend our healthy eating paleo ethos to include a paleo specific menu and our dishes have become really popular with our customers. Thai and Vietnamese food is naturally healthy with fresh herbs & ingredients and the paleo menu is an extension of that, tweaking the dishes but not compromising on the taste”.

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